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Global Leadership Management

Jandu St., Plot no. 66B

Arusha, Box 16341


Tel: +255 767 577 922

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Welcome to Luz Institute of Global Leadership in Arusha!

Our Motto:

“Value Creation”

Our Corporate Vision:

We aspire to be recognized internationally as an institution that creates value through imagination and innovations that reinforce future sustainable development.


Our Mission: 

To transform people’s lives through accessible quality training, knowledge and research.


Mission Statement:

The mission statement of the Luz Institute is to provide an outstanding and competitive learning atmosphere that prepares students for meaningful and purposeful individual lives, professional realizations, and accountable global citizenship.


Our Direction:

Teaching, Innovation, Research

Our Core Values:

Integrity, Innovation, Diversity

Our Slogan for Corporate Social Responsibility:

Sustainable development for people, society, and environment



Our Scope:

  1. To become a world standard professional center that offers services for teaching, workshops, and researches in the laboratory.

  2. To provide quality education that reinforces the application of scientific and technological data-driven economy.

  3. To become a center of excellence where knowledge is created, adapted, communicated and shared both at national and global platforms

  4. To produce world class graduates who will work as knowledge base staff in practice, teaching and researches with scientific and entrepreneurial mindsets.

  5. To cultivate a spirit of innovation to individual students through science and technology that would reinforce sustainable developments.


Basic Philosophy: Developments between Corporate Vision and Vision for Society

       Core Values