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Executive Courses

  • Our course programs have been designed to suit entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and CEO's operating in complex, disruptive and constantly changing markets across the globe.

  • We hold a world-class team of highly skilled and competent staff that is dedicated to meet your needs for education and training and beyond!

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Doing Business in China

Building an Effective Team

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Featured Courses:


January 10, 2020

Doing Business in China

 .. "If you are not doing business with China, then you are not in business at all." As China advances in competitiveness at the global market, Luz Institute takes the initiative to navigate you across the complexity of investments, cultural differences, social barriers, products' quality & political forces behind businesses in this country!

February 12, 2020

Executive Certificate in Advances of Global Business Management the market place becomes more unpredictable, newer competitive strategies that are results-oreinted and research-based are highly sought so as to reinforce your business skills, managerial instincts, and your capability to effectively in disruptive marketing environments.

January 05, 2020

Executive Certificate in Fundamentals of Global Business Management

..designed to enhance your competitiveness as an entrepreneur/corporate leader  so as to optimize your effectiveness in tapping from local & international opportunities!

January 05, 2020

Executive Certificate in Fundamentals of Global Leadership Development

..designed to extend your engagement and role play as an entrepreneur, leader of an NGO, ministry, investor  and as a leader operating in highly complex global environment!!!

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