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Statement of Commitment

  GBM School

At Luz Institute, we’ve decided to embrace and value diversity on every day bases and activities particularly with those who are determined to think, look at the world, perform tasks, and act on their responsibilities as part of our teamwork.


We’re enthusiastic to work with people of different backgrounds, diverse experiences, different skill sets, different opinions, and different perspectives that inspire novel and innovative thinking and performance.

At Luz Institute, we’re determined to “bring your whole self to work” without discriminating individuals based on gender, race, age, ethnicity, or belief. The institution is interested in that part of you that can be unleashed to contribute into value creation in ways that cultivate excellence and integrity.


Our core values exist to inspire staff engagement at an atmosphere that treasures professional experiences that are combined to achieve stronger workforce. We go further beyond knowing colleagues for what they are capable to do, but rather for who they are!

 Statement of Commitment

Such avenues not only build mutual trust, professional maturity, and collegial respect but also open fresh possibilities for tapping great ideas and achieving greater goals.


At Luz Institute, we’re determined to achieve stronger customer relations. We do this not through a ‘win-lose’ rather a ‘win-win’ approach. By recognizing the ability we hold to create value through the quality services and products we offer to our customers, excellent relationships therefore become an essential ingredient for our existence.

At Luz Institute, we attract top talent of staff who are competent in developing graduates who are capable of meeting the increasingly competitive job markets, of creating job opportunities through entrepreneurship, of walking the talk about diversity, integrity, and excellence not only in performance but also in attitude so as to meet higher expectations of our clients.

For potential staff kindly, please, contact us directly at for any inquiries related to your willingness to undertake a particular career activity with us!

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